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Glove Ports – Circular

CIRCULAR GLOVE PORT ASSEMBLY  The circular glove port assembly consists of a circular port, inner securing ring and two gaskets. The port and gasket are secured to the screen with fixing screws that thread directly into inserts within the inner ring which sits on the reverse of the screen. The port has two grooves enabling [...]

Glove Ports – 150 x 250mm Internal Oval

150MM X 250MM INTERNAL OVAL ASSEMBLY MIP's 150 x 250 internal oval is made up of a port, pressure ring and gasket. The unique design of the port allows it to be pushed through from the inside of the screen giving a smooth joinless internal finish. Pan head threaded screws hold the port in place [...]

Glove Ports – 150 x 250mm External Oval

150 X 250MM EXTERNAL OVAL ASSEMBLY This oval assembly can be fitted to a maximum window thickness of 12 mm. If the window of the application that these ports are to be fitted to is thicker then the external oval assembly would be required. Recommended fixing screws M5 by 20mm pan head for a 6mm [...]

Glove Ports – 200 x 400mm External Oval

COMPLETED 200MM X 400MM EXTERNAL ASSEMBLY No Info... OVAL GLOVE PORT 200MM X 400MM Material: Black Acetal with 12 M5 brass threaded inserts Dimensions: Dimensions -Internal bore 200mm x 400mm x 44mm external dimensions 255mm x 455mm We can also make oval ports from a variety of other plastics including polyurethane resin, please contact us [...]

Glove Ports – Extended Ports

EXTENDED GLOVE PORT Material: Phenolic resin Dimensions: Dimensions:150mm (6"). Flange dia: 197mm with 8 x 7mm holes on 179.4mm PCD. Snout dia: 163.5mm Bore dia:152.4mm Length:73mm extended to 73mm or 97mm Latex Dry Box Gloves Neoprene Dry Box Gloves CSM Dry Box Gloves Butyl Dry Box Gloves EPDM Dry Box Gloves Nitrile Drybox Gloves Radio [...]

Glove Ports – Iris Ports

IRIS GLOVE PORTS An iris port allows for Self-closing access to a glove box or cabinet. Marine & Industrial Plastics can supply standard iris's to fit all of our ports or bespoke ones to fit alternate assemblies in clear PVC or black Neoprene. Latex Dry Box Gloves Neoprene Dry Box Gloves CSM Dry Box Gloves [...]