Glove Boxes

Glove Boxes

Advanced research and development in chemicals, nuclear energy, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology has brought new problems in the handling of dangerous chemicals and toxins. Toxic levels often exceed the capabilities of fume cupboards, and complete isolation becomes paramount.

MIP has developed sealed enclosure technology and remote handling in glove boxes through four decades of experience in the nuclear, radiochemical and bacteriological industries.

We can also manufacture Acrylic Glove Boxes to any size and are made to your requirements, please see Acrylic Glovebox section

Why GRP?

Generally, Glove Boxes, Fume Cupboards and Enclosures are constructed in steel or aluminium. In instances where fumes are liberated and acids used, rapid corrosion of the box surface can occur. The high chemical resistance of glass reinforced plastic glove boxes ensures efficient and economic handling of material in corrosive atmosphere.

To avoid contamination all surfaces internally are highly polished with generously rounded corners, and the elimination of metallic material in this type of construction is of great assistance for analytical work.

Design and Consultancy

Often an experimental or manufacturing situation may arise which demands particularly specialised equipment. MIP offers full design and consultancy facilities to overcome the problem of non-standard applications.

Our technical sales staff will be pleased to discuss your requirements either at your premises or ours.

Glove Box Types

Glove Boxes are constructed from 5mm thick glass reinforced plastic with 6mm thick perspex viewing panels integrally moulded into the box shell during construction. Viewing panels can alternatively be supplied in either acrylic, polycarbonate or P.V.C. to cater for chemical laboratory operation as well as alpha activity work. Designed to eliminate corrosion, coupled with a translucent shell to give a maximum amount of diffused light to all areas of the interior, these qualities make the boxes ideal for handling radioactive materials or processes requiring an inert or controlled atmosphere.

We can help build Acrylic and GRP Glove boxes to your specific sizes and needs. Call us on 01329 847443

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