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Neoprene Dry Box Gloves


Polychloroprene glove. Excellent technical-economic compromise for this multi-purpose glove. Very good precision. Very good resistance to sterilisation agents (hydrogen peroxide) and radiation sterilisation (Gamma and Beta rays). Self- extinguishing

MIP supply Neoprene gloves made to fit 150mm, 178mm, 192mm, 250mm and 300mm circular ports and oval ports in medium, heavy and lightweight.

Gloves are beaded to fit comfortably and securely onto a glove port with a grooved flange, an ‘O’ ring and clip can be supplied if and where required. Please click here 


  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Good resistance to Ozone and UV
  • Offers excellent dexterity and flexibility

Fields of Application:

  • Microelectronic/Wet Chemistry
  • Life sciences (Pharmaceutical/Medical/Hospitals)
  • Nuclear Industries


All of our gloves adhere to the following standards EN 421-1994, EN 374-1-2003 and EN 388-2003 and Comply with European Directive PPE Category 3