GRP Solutions

GRP Solutions

We design and manufacture industrial glass fibre mouldings, GRP and plastic injection mouldings in our factory in Segensworth, Fareham.

GRP is such a flexible mouldable material that we can make any mouldings to meet your needs ranging from one off designs to batch produced items or medium scale production.

As a small independent business, MIP can offer the buyer / designer, personal attention to help overcome the problem of non-standard applications. We specialise in tailor made items and prototypes up to batch production rather than mass produced items.

Recent Examples of Our Work

A very small selection of some of our recent custom products can be seen below.

MIP were tasked by BP (British Petroleum) to come up with a solution to their heavy electrical switchgear access panels. Their current panels were constructed in steel and weighed 50kg.

These required at least 2 people or machinery to remove and had limited life due to rusting. MIP came up with a fire retardant GRP solution weighing just 12kg. These were immediately put into batch production using our in house production facilities.

Custom GRP roofing cowels commissioned for Beddington Zero Energy development and featured in The Times Magazine.
Custom made flag lockers to be fitted to 13 Royal Navy Frigates

GRP one piece moulded bench, fully washable and electrically, safe working load of 150kg

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