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GRP Containments

MIP are the original manufacturer and supplier of the Modular Containment System (MCS) and have gained extensive experience during its development. All our panels are manufactured by us in our own factory to customers requirements and are accredited with the BS EN ISO 9001 2008 Quality Standard.

Modular containment systems have been designed primarily for the nuclear industry to facilitate the de-commissioning of plant and equipment at the end of their economic or design life. Comprising standard sized panels, the system is lightweight, easily transported, and can be rapidly assembled around the working area.

Strippable coatings may be applied to aid decontamination and cleaning, and the panels can be dismantled and stored for future use. Individual panels are available for access, service, waste disposal, viewing and remote handling.

The MCS is an accepted method in the nuclear industry for decontamination and we have systems installed in nuclear establishments across the UK and abroad. Standard systems are now made in fire retardant resins in either metric or imperial sizes and can be tailor made to suit any customers requirement. They can be manufactured in a variety of colours although natural is preferred due to its translucent properties.

A series of standard shower units for suit washdown and decontamination of personnel are available as a single mobile unit on wheels, or as a modular unit where access is limited. Both types are available with a series of options. We are pleased to offer design and consultancy services where advice is required or if special sizes are necessary.

Standard modular containment panels are made in Class 1 fire retardant GRP which is white in colour.

Class 1 resin can be pigmented any preferred colour to blend in with surroundings. Class O fire rating can be achieved but only in white and with a 15% increase in costs over the standard prices.

Floor panels when required are reinforced with plywood sheathed over with GRP. Under normal circumstances an existing floor would be covered with hardboard or contiboard followed by a reinforced flexible sheet, prices and details available on request.

Metric sized panels are kept in stock as standard items. Imperial sizes are made to order. We will be pleased to quote for ready assembled facilities and system design work.

Panels may be constructed using non-fire retardant materials at a reduction of 12%. Stainless steel panels are available on request. Discounts can usually be arranged for complete assembled orders.

Much of the technology developed for dealing with difficult nuclear materials, e.g. those contaminated by plutonium, can be directly applicable to other industries faced with the problems of handling hazardous materials.

Modular Containment System Uses
  • Radioactive materials
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Toxic vapours
  • Asbestos and asbestos contaminated materials
  • Biologically active materials
  • Bacteria
  • Malodorous processes
  • Waste materials of all kinds

Our Modular Containment System (MCS) is:
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fire-resistant (optional)
  • Weather-resistant (optional)
The MCS is easily and rapidly assembled from a set of GRP panels, externally flanged, and consists of:
  • Working area
  • Mobile shower and entry/exit tunnel
  • Dress/undress area
  • Lifting equipment (if required)
  • Mobile ventilation filtration plant

Construction & Materials

The GRP containment panels can be assembled in whatever a configuration suits the job and surroundings. Contamination of the internal surfaces is prevented by applying a water-based strippable coating. Once the task has been completed a second coat is applied to lock in the contamination and then, after curing, the entire coating is peeled off, leaving the internal surfaces clean.

The Working Area is made up of a series of GRP panels bolted together through external flanges and sealed. The panels are available in various sizes and can incorporate viewing windows or material transfer facilities.

The Mobile Ventilation and Filtration System originally developed for plant contaminated by plutonium provides excellent ventilation efficiency. The unit consists of a prefilter, two HEPA filters in series, and two extractor fans of 1000cfm capacity (one on standby). The filter assembly provides a 'safe-change' capability. The overall dimensions are 2.74m long x 0.82m wide x 1.78m high.

By means of a sophisticated control system the air flow or negative pressure in the working area can be held constant for a wide range of variables, e.g. size of working area. The required power supplies are 240V/50Hz.

A Mobile Shower Tunnel is available for operations involving pressurised suit working. It is fabricated in GRP and provides two shower cubicles, an entry and exit doorway, demountable water/reagent tanks for the shower and a filtered discharge system for the water. Sliding doors are fitted between the shower unit and the work area, designed to provide an air flow of 1m/sec (AECP1054) to prevent back diffusion.

The Dress/Undress Area is assembled from GRP panels and joined to the shower tunnel by a PVC sleeve seal.

The Lifting Equipment consists of an internal l-beam fitted with a travelling hoist, supported from an external cruciform through a sealed roof penetration. The equipment can be sized to customers requirements.

Our Modular Containment Systems can be produced to your requirements. Contact us on: 01329 847443

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